The ‘Wall of Grief’ is an online memorial to document the lives lost in India during the Covid-19 pandemic. The broad aim of this project is to visualise the scale of tragedy and provide a cathartic space to lakhs of people who are adjusting to lives without their loved ones.

The website has two main rooms. One contains a memorial to people who died. On ‘The Wall of Grief’ people can put up details of their loved ones whom they lost in the pandemic.

The other hosts a resource centre with pan-India data on deaths collected under The Wall of Grief project as well as external sources of data on pandemic deaths.

The data repository will be open to all, and is a two-way street. Journalists, researchers, transparency activists, associations can dip into it as well as share with us information on Covid-19 mortality that will keep alive a public-spirited debate.

Several organisations and individuals are contributing to the memorial as a collective space of grief. You can too.
If you want to share any information/data for deaths during the pandemic or if you have any query, please reach us at wallofgrief@reporters-collective.in


The project is a collaboration of The Reporters Collective, National Foundation of India, 101 Reporters and many public-spirited organisations and individuals.

Support Team

The project is supported by The Reporters’ Collective. Mayank Aggarwal is the lead and Tapasya is the associate lead for the project from the Collective.