Delhi-born Ashish Yechury was an intelligent and thoughtful young man who, as everyone who knew him would testify, was kind to a fault, bright and happy to be unconventional, unassuming and confident about being able to strike out his own path.

Gifted as a child, those who knew him would remember his massive pencil-sketched army men. He would have the patience and sense of detail to draw thousands of soldiers in armies on drawing paper. Absorbed in the world of books, history was always a passion, as was wildlife and soon, photography.

For a living, Ashish chose the world of journalism and after his schooling at Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi, graduation from St Stephen’s College, University of Delhi and then his Masters, he did a course in Journalism from the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai. He left a mark on all those he met, teachers and fellow-students.

He loved to travel and keenly observed all facets of life and its varied nature. He has left us with a stunning record of his visuals, beautifully captured with his beloved Nikon camera.

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