It will take me a lifetime to put in words what Bhai meant to me. But I keep trying anyway. Bhavuk aka jony, my elder brother lived with us for 28 years. He touched our lives with his all his love and his acts of kindness, compassion and pure joy is what we remember him with. As his name translates, he was a feeler of everything and every single emotion pierced right into his heart and touched his soul. 'Emotional' may be reductive to put how he loved his people but truly his charm and enigma gave us all memories to hold onto in his absence. He liked to cook, dance, sing, sleep, drive, travel, not in the same order. He had dreams in his eyes which used to lit bright when he talked about things he loved. He was fond of his hair which was as gentle and breezy as his presence. He was born as a dancer and felt closest to himself when he was on the stage. In the kitchen, not only did he broke gender norms but also found his love language in the food he made. If there was one thing he craved for, it was to fly like a free bird in a sky full of wonder and awe. He lend his ears and offered his heart to anyone who wanted. There was a close resemblance in our voice but it was him who carried that heft and lightness of just being. When I say I miss him, not only smiles and laughter, I also miss the fights and shared tears, silences and solidarity. As a sibling, he was my friend, my confidant and my biggest cheerleader. I spent all my life looking upto him as a father figure and in return, he pushed me to the farthest to break and set new boundaries. In his absence, it all boils down to the stories we lived and the hearts he touched with his magic. He lived like a hope and I am sure his divine presence will keep us going and living in the times of darkness. I love him and miss him immensely. Losing him has shattered us all and it's tragic to think of a life without him. It is unfortunate that we had to separate from him. My almost twin brother fought for 7 days in the ICU, on the ventilator. It is unfair that we got caught in the biggest failure and collapse of the medical infrastructure in the country and till date the state bears no responsibility or accountability to the negligence of the state of affairs. I am angry and heartbroken but also hopeful that the grievers among us all find peace and solace. We will set things right for the people who departed, for them, with them, with love and for love. In my heart forever, bhai ❤️✨
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