Beloved grandmother of Neil Natasha, Mother of Krina and Benny, Wife of Augustine Veliath.

Who is Grace?
Two days after she died, Eva asked this question on social media.

I, as her husband of 42 years, and the biggest beneficiary of her largesse in the world wrote this piece.

She was Grace.

  1. She was a perfectionist.
  2. She said “first love then complain”.
  3. She said sun should not go down on your anger. She practiced that to perfection.
  4. She said what needs to be done must be done.
  5. She was a pediatric nurse, a perfect one, hence popular.
  6. She prayed to the Infant Jesus.
  7. She loved her grandchildren (twins), her home, her son, her husband and her daughter-in-law, in that order. She would have given her life for any one of them.
  8. She was a great and award-winning cook, imaginative and impulsive.
  9. Her Christmas cake was the talk among friends and neighbors.
  10. She neither knew nor practiced diplomacy.
  11. She bargained and always got a better price.
  12. She had the world’s most perfect teeth even at the age of 70.
  13. She disliked parties and crowds.
  14. She spoke fluent German.
  15. She loved plants and trees, planted them wherever. She had no patience for animals. She was scared of dogs.
  16. She listened to Ravish Kumar
  17. She was a cancer survivor and a proud one.
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