Dear Baba, Words are a poor means to tell you how much I miss you. They are a poor means to express my anger and my sense of loss. They cannot explain how I struggle every night to fall asleep because I cannot fathom the pain, isolation, fear, loneliness you went through during the last 15 days in hospital. I didn't go to bid you a final good bye. I couldn't gather the courage to see you shrouded in black canvas. I remember you as MY FATHER- a man larger than life, a provider, a protector and a constant source of encouragement. I will forever love you and I hope you are at peace wherever you are. I am sorry, I couldn't be there to hold your hand when you left us. I am sorry I couldn't give you a proper farewell. There has been no closure for me and there will never be one. I love you Your daughter Dona Dear Nana, You were my Santa Claus with your white hair and white beard. You just missed on the red dress. I know you will never leave my side and I know that you live in me for I am in so many ways like you. I love you Nana and as JK Rowling said, "the ones who love us never truly leave us". Miss you, love you Your Granddaughter Beany
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